Sample: Day Trading for Profit, by John Austin, PhD:

Day Trading for Profit, Part 1: How to Avoid Major Losses, by John Austin

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Spread betting is often reported as a quick and easy path to riches. The reality is somewhat different, with 90% of day traders and 70% of longer term investors losing money. How, then, if you've previously been a loser, or if you've never tried spread betting, can you turn that around and make a significant profit? This book explains how.

In just a few brief Chapters, the book starts by outlining spread betting methods. It then proceeds to outline what is known as technical analysis to show how the market responds in different conditions. These methods can be used as tools for short term gains on the stock market or foreign exchange markets. For maximum gains it is suggested that the investor concentrates on certain markets, including index trading, such as the FTSE 100, the Dow or even the China 300 index. Other useful markets to consider are foreign exchange in the major currencies. The book continues with the details of my personal experiences, including daily accounts of profits and losses for March to June 2015, and a more detailed trading diary for July and August 2015.

The book concludes by showing that it is possible to make gains with spread betting by applying a systematic set of rules to the investment process. Overall, there is a scientific element to profit making on the stock market, but it requires effort and dedication. Otherwise, you will likely make a loss. Are you up to it?

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